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An Insight into Search Engines Optimization

In this era of widespread web marketing, search engine page rank determines the amount of traffic. Some Search Engine Optimization techniques (both ethical- “White Hat” and deceptive-“Black hat”) to boost page rank are summarized below:

White Hat Optimization:

Backlinks: Backlinks refer to links from other web pages to a particular web page. Higher quality backlinks can increase the rank of a webpage in search results. Say you’ve set up a webpage for a new NGO. A backlink from the website of another NGO would then be a “quality” link, whereas, one from a site about cats would not.

Keywords: Most search engines use “crawlers” to index pages based on keywords. It pays to edit the contents of webpages to increase the occurrence and density of keywords. The position of keywords is also critical. Keywords in the URL or Title are more relevant than those in the text.

URL Normalization: If there are multiple URLs leading to the same webpage, normalizing them can increase their rank since the number of backlinks will increase.

Black Hat Optimization:

Cloaking: The search engine crawler sees a different page (with greater keyword density) than the human user, who might even be redirected to a completely different page.

Keywords: The keyword density on a webpage can be maliciously increased by writing keywords in the same colour as the background, or in a tiny font.

Link farms: Webpages whose sole purpose is to link to other webpages, to increase the occurrence of backlinks. A related technique is crosslinking, wherein various pages within the same website are linked to each other.

Businesses are actively encouraged to use legitimate SEOs, since these improve user experience too. However,
fraudulent techniques are often penalized. For example, Google in 2006 removed the webpage of BMW Germany for unethical SEO.Visit the Uniq Partner SEO to get detailed information about search engine optimization